Total PowerPoint Files Converter

How to convert PPT Files to PDF Files?
Q.1. How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?
  • Register: To register the "Total PowerPoint Files Converter" click on the "Activate Application" Button and fill the Registeration Detail with the Activation Code.
  • Buy: You have to Buy "Total PowerPoint Files Converter" to get Activation Code. You Can Buy it by Clicking on "Buy Activation Key" button.
  • Try It: You can use demo version of "Total PowerPoint Files Converter" by clicking on "Continue Trial" Button.
Total PowerPoint Files Converter
Total PowerPoint Files Converter
Q.2. How to Add PowerPoint Files?
  • Step 1: Add Files (.ppt, .pptx).
    Add Files - In this step you can add PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx), just click on "Add Files" button to open file dialog box select files you want to add, you can select multiple files. You can also add all files of a selected folder by clicking on "Add Folder" button, it automatically search the selected folder and add all the supported files.
Total PowerPoint Files Converter
Q.3. How to Select or change file Format?
Step 2: Select Format.
It is a compulsory step to follow. Here you can choose any of the following file formats from dropdown List to convert your files into:
  • PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx)
  • PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation (*.pptm)
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (*.ppt)
  • PowerPoint Template (*.potx)
  • PowerPoint Macro- Enabled Template (*.potm)
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Template (*.pot)
  • PDF (*.pdf)
  • XPS Document (*.xps)
  • Office Theme (*.thmx)
  • PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx)
  • PowerPoint Macro- Enabled Show (*.ppsm)
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Show (*.pps)
  • PowerPoint XML Presentation (*.xml)
  • Single File Web Page (*.mhtml)
  • Web Page (*.htm)
  • GIF Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
  • JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)
  • PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (*.png)
  • TIFF Tag Image File Format (*.tif)
  • Device Independent Bitmap (*.bmp)
  • Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (*.emf)
  • Outline/RTF (*.rtf)
Q.4. How to Start Conversion?
Click on start conversion button to convert added files format in to selected format. You can also set the location of converted file.
Remove Selected: You can remove the selected files from the file list, to select multiple files in file list use Ctrl or Shift key. You can also remove files by pressing DEL key from Keyboard.
Clear File List:You can remove all files from the file list; it will alert you before removing all files. You can also remove files by pressing DEL key from Keyboard.
Open Target Folder:You can open the location of converted files by click on open target folder button.
Add Suffix with Converted File Name: You can alsoaddany suffix with filename before process start on File Folder Options Panel.
Total PowerPoint Files Converter
Total PowerPoint Files Converter
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