PowerPoint to PDF Creator

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF files?
Q.1. How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?
  • Register: To register the "PowerPoint to PDF Creator" click on the "Register" Button and fill the Registeration Detail with the Activation Code.
  • Buy: You have to Buy "PowerPoint to PDF Creator" to get Activation Code. You Can Buy it by Clicking on "Buy" button.
  • Try It: You can use demo version of "PowerPoint to PDF Creator" by clicking on "Try it" Button.
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Q.2. How to Select or Add MS PowerPoint Files?
  • First you run "PowerPoint to PDF Creator".
  • Now you can add PowerPoint (.PPT, .PPTX, .POT, .POTX etc) files. by click "Add Files" button and select files.
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Q.3. How to Select all MS PowerPoint from Folder or Sub Folder?
  • You can add all PowerPoint files from directory and sub directory as well by click "Add Folder" Button and select a directory, It will add all PowerPoint available in that specified directory.
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Q.4. How to Change Output Folder location?
  • Before creating PDF files from MS PowerPoint Files, you can change\select the default output destination folder by click "Browse" button.
  • You can check the Option "Merge as a single PDF" to merge all MS WORD files in a single PDF file.Finally click on "Convert To PDF" Button.
  • It will create PDF files from all selected Word in selected destination folder.
  • It will take very little time to create a PDF file in Batch process.
ppt to pdf
Q.5. How to change Settings?
  • You can Add/Edit Encryption (either 128 bit or 40 bit encryption) to the created PDF files. USER and OWNER Password from Setting by click "Settings" button.select the "Encrypt PDF" tab in Settings window and check "Encrypt PDF" option.
  • in the Other tab, you can select "Default Destination Folder" and other options.
Q.6. How to Merge All PowerPoint Files in a Single PDF file?
  • If you have checked the Option "Merge as a single PDF" to merge all MS PowerPoint files in a single PDF file.when you click on "Convert To PDF " Button, it will ask you to choose the "PDF file name" and click "Save" button in the save dialog.
  • It will take very little time to create a PDF file from MS PowerPoint files.
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