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Customer Feedback


We wanted to clean many Excel files but it was time consuming and frustrating finally we got your software and it does the same in minutes. Thanks for your help.
- Michael


I can highly recommend Advance Word Find & Replace to anyone who has to edit many word-processor documents en-mass. The program is powerful and easy to use, and it could save you a huge amount of un-necessary effort. - George Beccaloni


I bought internet email extractor URL software and it worked perfectly for me for extract email id.This is the best and most affordable software on the Net.
- Andrew Jones


I was stuck with so many Emails on my Outlook and wanted to get all the Email addresses but was not finding the way out, Fortunately I found your unique software which could let extracts emails from my Outlook.
- Robert


Your software has increased my Excel capability tremendously and it is so cheap that I cannot believe it..
- R. Jhones


Find And Replace Combo Offer
Excel Find and Replace + PowerPoint Find and Replace + Batch Word Find and Replace
Excel Find and Replace Batch PowerPoint Find & Replace Batch Word Find and Replace
(Find & Replace and Highlight each word in MS EXCEL in Batch.) (Find & Replace and Formatting Tool for ppt,pptx,pptm.) (Find & Replace and Highlight each word in MS WORD in Batch.)
Offer Price
US $ 119.00 Only
(save upto 40$ )
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