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Batch Word Utilities
win10/win 8 and win7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/NT
2010, 2013 and 2007 Office, compatiblity pack for older version is required).
Batch Word Utilities
(Complete set of word commands)

Batch Word Utilities software made to cut down the human effort while working on MS office word. This software has been equipped with some amazing features which save both time and effort of the user. The software has multiple functions where the user can remove hyperlinks, drawing objects, changing of page set-ups and many other things. User can perform these tasks in bulk of word files at one time. The speed and accuracy of this software makes it different and unique from others. The quality of batch processing is rare to find in any other software.

Batch Word Utilities is really a boon for those who regularly work on MS office. The user can work on number files and even folders to remove the unnecessary things. The software is very easy to handle. User needs to insert file and then select whatever he wants to remove. Then just click on “Remove Selected” button and the work will be done in seconds. Options like how to accept track changes; how to merge documents and many more are available. Further user also has options to change page set-up, remove header & footer, hyperlinks, images or shapes, reject all track changes, etc. So this software gives you a lot of options and you can apply these options on large number of files at one time. Moreover the Batch Word Utilities is flexible to work in all versions of windows.

How it Works
  1. Add Files (.doc, .docx, .rtf).
  2. Click on "Add Files" button to open file dialog box select files you want to add, you can select multiple files.
  3. Select Command to Perform Batch Process.
  4. After selecting a command dialogue box will open.
  5. You can Change Page Setup of all Documents.
  6. You can Split or MergePage Into Separate Word Files.
  7. After that Start Process by click Start button.
Key Points
  • A complete folder or selected files can be added for processing.
  • User can remove all Hyperlinks from multiple word documents.
  • User can remove all Images from multiple word documents.
  • User can remove all Text Frames from multiple word documents.
  • User can remove all shapes from multiple word documents.
  • It provide choice to remove objects from header footer.
  • In a single process more than 1000 files can be processed.
  • It can accept or reject all track changes from multiple word documents.
  • It can merge multiple word documents into a single document with or without page break after one document.
  • It can split a large document into many other documents by pages.
  • It can split a large document into many other documents by sections.
  • It can change page setup of multiple files in a single process.
  • It can remove header or footer or both from multiple word documents.
  • It has  comprehensive and attractive user interface.
Whats New
  • Optimized for Windows 10
  • Better support for Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed
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