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Outlook Email Extractor
win10/win 8 and win7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/NT
MS Outlook (.PST files)
Outlook Email Extractor
(Extract Email Address From Microsoft Outlook)

Outlook Email Extractor extracts email addresses from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook (.PST) files. Outlook Email Extractor extracts email addresses from personal folders and sub-folders as Drafts, Inbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Outbox, Contacts etc.). This software also allows the users to add a number of .PST files in addition to the default files to specifically selected accounts and profiles to extract email ids from them. Outlook Email Extractor helps the users to create their email list in minutes. It has very extremely user friendly interface that makes the work very easy to user.

Microsoft Outlook Email Extractor works very fast, automatic removal of duplicate email addresses and other options like filter through which you can get a list of email addresses those you actually need. Extracted email addresses can be saved in .CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .TXT (Opens in Notepad).

How it Works
How to Extract Emails From Outlook (.pst files) :
  1. First run Outlook Email Extractor. it will ask to select one of available profiles & fill all available personal folders from selected profile.
  2. Now you check\Uncheck personal folder/sub folders from you want to extract email addresses.
  3. After check folder(s) click "Start Extracting Emails" button.
  4. You can set searching criteria in "Settings" by click "Settings" button before start Extracting.
  5. you can Add/Remove .PST files by click "Add .PST Files" Button.
  6. Extracted Email Addresses can be saved in .CSV(Excel Format)/.txt/ new Line format.
Key Points
  • Extract email addresses from personal folders and sub folders in single process.
  • Automatic Remove Duplicate email addresses and gives lotof filters.
  • Outlook Email Extractor is very fast email extractor software.
  • Extracts email addresses from multiple .PST files.
  • Extracted email addresses can be saved in .CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .TXT (Opens in Notepad).
Whats New
  • Optimized for Windows 10
  • Better support for Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Quick Filter Emails
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