Excel Space Remover Version |3.0.0

Excel Space Remover
win10/win 8 and win7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/NT
.Net 2.0
2010, 2013 and 2007 Office, compatiblity pack for older version is required).
Excel Space Remover

(Excel Utilities)

Excel Space Remover is a useful add-in to Remove Leading, Trailing and Excessive Spaces, Auto Trim Spaces in Selection of excel files. You can clean as many cells as you want in a single process. It is a cute little addin to make your Excel more powerful than before.

In brief, Excel Space Remover is a valuable addin to automate extra spaces cleaning tasks and counting task for Excel with quality and speed and works well with Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. This version of Excel Space Remover includes Word Count Utility at no extra cost.

How it Works
How to remove extra spaces in excel sheet:
  1. Excel Space Remover Addins add to excel menu ribbon after installation.
  2. After that enable macro while open excel software.
  3. you can remove the extra spaces in excel sheet by clicking just space remover option on ribbon
  4. you can easily remove leading space and trailing spaces.
  5. you can count word in excel by clicking on count tool option.
Excel Space Remover
Key Points
  • Clean extra spaces from your Excel data.
  • Remove leading spaces.
  • Remove trailing spaces.
  • Remove excessive spaces.
  • Count Words in Excel.
  • Count Characters without Spaces in Excel.
  • Count Characters with Spaces in Excel.
  • Count Visible and Hidden Sheets in Excel.
  • Count Entire Excel Files.
  • Count Selected Cells Text in Excel.
  • Works with MS Office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000.
Whats New
  • Optimized for Windows 10
  • Better support for Windows 7  32 bit and 64 bit
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed
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