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Excel Customized Addins

Lantechsoft is a fast growing Software Company. We provide comprehensive IT solutions. Lantechsoft deals in Customized Software Development, Implementation support, Quality Assurance, hi-tech multimedia designing solutions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We offer cutting-edge IT solutions across a range of industry and technology segments to Enterprises.

Excel is used almost in every office and home because its a powerful spreadsheet application but Excel also has hidden power which can be used through Macros and Addins. LanTech Soft apart from its Prebuilt Usefull Excel Addins also provides Customized Excel Addins & Macros Solutions for Excel to enhance the work capabilities of MS Excel. We can develop Excel Addins as per your requirements which can help to automate your daily tasks in Excel. You will be surely able to save loads of time and Money. Our Addins are Safe and Secure and works well with all version of MS Excel.

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Find And Replace Combo Offer
Excel Find and Replace + PowerPoint Find and Replace + Batch Word Find and Replace
Excel Find and Replace Batch PowerPoint Find & Replace Batch Word Find and Replace
(Find & Replace and Highlight each word in MS EXCEL in Batch.) (Find & Replace and Formatting Tool for ppt,pptx,pptm.) (Find & Replace and Highlight each word in MS WORD in Batch.)
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US $ 119.00 Only
(save upto 40$ )
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